“We put our souls into this album”… Oneus’ ‘Luna’

Oneus (Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, Xion) held an online and offline media showcase to commemorate the release of their sixth mini album ‘Blood Moon’ on the afternoon of the 9th. 

Oneus, who made a comeback after about 6 months, said, “It’s been a really long time since we’ve come back with our third album this year. ‘Blood Moon’ is an album that contains the mysterious story of the legend of ‘Jeokwoldo (赤月圖)’. It captures the appearance more conceptually. In ‘Blood Moon’, you can enjoy the unique Korean mise-en-scène of Oneus with the title song ‘Moon 下 美人: LUNA’, featuring vocalist Ye-rim Choi, ‘Intro: Window’, Raven’s self-composed song, ‘Yes Or No’, which contains the hearts of lovers in crisis,  ‘Life is Beautiful’ which is a refreshing atmosphere that sings that the process of finding what you truly want is the true beauty of life, are included. 

The members not only included their own songs on this album, but also created their own choreography, greatly increasing their participation. 

The title song ‘Luna’ is a Korean traditional music-based song, and it contains the meaning of ‘flowers that bloom at night’. The combination of oriental instruments and flutes boasts a deep oriental color, and the instruments added to the synthpop base make up a splendid yet faint tune.  This time, with ‘Luna’, the combination of an oriental instrument and a flute shows a deeper oriental color. 

Keonhee said, “We tried hard to melt the life from the past to the present through performance, music, and stage storytelling of Oneus. We wanted to show the beauty of Korea with ‘Luna’. We also incorporated fan dance and mask dance into the choreography,” 

Oneus fills the stage with a traditional yet sophisticated performance that crosses the past and the present. 

Hwanwoong personally participated in the choreography and raised the level of perfection.  Hwanwoong said, “I tried to capture the characteristics of ‘flowers that bloom at night’ in the choreography.  I tried to make a point choreography that expresses flowers blooming and losing.” 

Ahead of their comeback, Oneus held a solo concert and met fans. They also showed the stage of ‘Luna’ first at the concert. They said, “We prepared more hard work for our live performances and performances to pay more attention to the stage, which is the essence of an artist, starting with concerts and comebacks.”

Finally, Keonhee  said, “We called it ‘Soul Shake’ as we put our souls into this album.” 

Oneus’ 6th mini album ‘Blood Moon’ will be released at 6 pm on the same day (KST).

Source: www.hankyung.com



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