Yunho(U-KNOW), No.1 in ‘Music Bank’. Hyuna and Golden Child comeback

Yunho(U-KNOW) rose to No. 1 in ‘Music Bank’.
In KBS2 ‘Music Bank’, which aired on the afternoon of the 29th, Yunho(U-KNOW)’s ‘Thank U’ and BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ competed as the No. 1 candidate.
Yunho, who made a solo comeback after 1 year and 7 months, released his second mini-album ‘NOIR’.
‘NOIR’, which is French, means black and one of the movie genres. The album is composed of six cinematic songs that express a man’s inner feelings according to various movie genres.
BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ has been in the No. 1 candidate for nearly six months since it was released in August last year.
Hyuna released her title song ‘I’m Not Cool’ on the 28th. In the new album, Hyuna directly participated in the lyrics of the song ‘GOOD GIRL’. She honestly expresses the lonely feeling behind the splendor through the song ‘Show Window’. Her boyfriend Dawn participated in featuring the song ‘Party, Feel, Love’.
rnBoy group Golden Child returned with their fifth mini-album ‘YES’.
Including the title song ‘Burn It’, a total of 6 songs such as ‘Cool Cool’ are included, and you can feel their diverse music world.
VICTON is working on his first full album, ‘VOICE: The future is now’. ‘VOICE: The future is now’ is the second story of the VOICE series that will continue in the future, and it contains the meaning of ‘Now that time has passed, we are living the dreamlike reality we wished for.”
Girl group (G)I-DLE is getting a lot of love with their 4th mini album ‘I burn’. ‘I burn’ is an album that contains various emotions in the process of regaining happiness after separation.
‘Music Bank’ on this day has many great artists including (G)I-DLE, AB6IX, BXK, CRAVITY, E’LAST, HYNN (Park Hye-won), MCND, T1419, VICTON, Golden Child, Dreamcatcher, Song Ga-in, ONEUS, Yunho, Cherry Bullet, Pink Fantasy, and Hyuna.



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