ZEROBASEONE Reveals Music Video for New Song ‘MELTING POINT’ ‘2023 Carol’ is Born

South Korean group ZEROBASEONE (ZEROBASEONE) has unveiled the official music video for their track “MELTING POINT” from their second mini-album. The video showcases the group’s nine members in a fantastical and fairytale-like setting, with visually stunning scenes and captivating choreography. The storyline revolves around themes of love, transformation, and fantasy elements, creating a captivating visual experience for viewers. “MELTING POINT” is a Jersey Club genre song that uses the metaphor of reaching the melting point to describe the process of falling in love, with addictive hooks and the members’ sweet voices conveying the excitement of romance.

ZEROBASEONE’s latest release has been met with impressive success on various charts. Within the first week of its release, the album sold over 2,131,352 copies, marking them as “double million sellers” with two consecutive albums within approximately four months of their debut album, “YOUTH IN THE SHADE.” The album also achieved second place on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Album Ranking and received a Gold badge on Chinese QQ Music, showcasing their growing popularity both domestically and internationally. The group’s unique style and captivating visuals in the music video for “MELTING POINT” further solidify their presence in the K-pop scene.

The music video begins with member Seong Hanbin picking apples from an apple tree and subsequently transforming into the Snow Prince of the Ice Kingdom, leading all nine members on a magical journey. The video effectively captures the emotions of love through the symbolism of ice melting into water, creating a captivating and immersive experience for viewers. With dynamic choreography and a fantasy-like storyline, the music video adds to the allure of ZEROBASEONE’s latest release, making it a must-watch for fans and music enthusiasts alike.



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