‘4th Generation Leader’ Tomorrow X Together, 4th Mini Album ‘TEAR’ Concept Photos Released


The ‘4th generation leader’ Tomorrow X Together (Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, HueningKai) has raised expectations for the new album by additionally releasing concept photos filled with tears. 

Tomorrow x Together announced the release of the ‘TEAR’ version of the 4th mini album ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ on the official social media and global fandom platform Weverse on the 27th. 

‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ is an album released before moving on to the next series following the ‘Dream Chapter’ and ‘Chaos Chapter’. It depicts a boy who gets to know the world around him a little more. 

Through the concept photos and clips of the ‘MESS’, ‘END’, and ‘HATE’ versions, Tomorrow X Together expressed the confusion, sadness, and anger of the boy who experienced the first breakup. 

In the concept photos of the ‘Tear’ version, Tomorrow X Together is holding back tears, facing the sadness that has never been experienced before in a time when everything seems to have stopped. 

On the 9th of next month, ‘MESS’, ‘END’, ‘HATE’ and ‘TEAR’ versions will be released in a total of 4 versions of Tomorrow by Together’s 4th mini album ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’. You can find more information regarding where to buy in the Weverse site.

(You can find Tomorrow by Together’s concept photos from the source link below.)


Source: sports.chosun.com


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