AB6IX Releases Teaser for ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’ Music Video from New Album

The South Korean group AB6IX has unveiled a teaser for the music video of ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’, a track from their new album ‘THE FUTURE IS OURS : FOUND’. The teaser, released at midnight through their official social media channels, features a self-cam version of the music video for the song ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’ from their 8th EP. The video starts with member Lee Daehwi showing a phone screen with the words “I LOVE YOU” and saying “I love you” in Korean. It captured the playful and casual nature of the AB6IX members, eliciting an explosive reaction from fans.

The video, filmed by the members themselves, showcases their everyday, natural interactions, with cute poses and warm eye contact, fully expressing the love and affection inherent in ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’. This approach aligns with the song’s intended message, focusing on the love and appreciation for their fans.

The track ‘ILY (I LOVE YOU)’ has gained significant interest as it was previously revealed in an album tracklist commentary video that it was a song made specifically with their fans in mind. The song’s warm melodic sentiment, along with the lyrics in the latter part of the video – “I’ll shout louder, I love you today as well” – has deeply moved fans, heightening anticipation for the full song. Meanwhile, AB6IX’s new album ‘THE FUTURE IS OURS : FOUND’, featuring members Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Woo-jin, and Lee Daehwi, is set to be released on January 22 at 6 PM through various online music sites.

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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