“ITZY’s Rise Highlighted by Billboard: A Fiery Transformation Recognized”

The renowned American music charting company, Billboard, has recently spotlighted the rising trajectory of the South Korean girl group ITZY. In an article, Billboard compared ITZY’s swift rise to fame to that of other prominent K-pop girl groups such as BLACKPINK and TWICE, particularly emphasizing their success in various Billboard charts since their debut. The focus was on ITZY’s latest mini-album, “Born to Be,” released on January 8, which has generated substantial international interest and expectations for its global performance.

The new album represents a significant shift in ITZY’s artistic direction, as noted by pop music critic Kim Do-hoon. “Born to Be” showcases a more intense, performance-oriented musical style, marking a departure from ITZY’s earlier concepts. This transformation is underlined by their new mini-album, which solidifies their reputation as leading performance artists in the K-pop scene. The album conveys a bold message of advancing in a broad world and features a more explosive performance style. This new direction has resonated globally, as evidenced by the immediate success of their tracks “Born to Be” and “Mr. Vampire” on YouTube’s worldwide trending chart.

In a first for the group since their debut, ITZY has also demonstrated their individual artistic talents by including self-composed songs in the new album. Tracks like “Crown on My Head,” “Blossom,” “Run Away,” “Old Friend,” and “Mine” exhibit a diverse range of ITZY’s unique girl-crush style. The album’s immediate success on charts such as the Hanteo Chart’s world chart and the weekly album chart attest to its popularity. Cultural critic Ha Jae-keun has praised ITZY’s continued efforts to innovate and grow, noting the significance of their dynamic performances in the K-pop girl group landscape.

Source: isplus.com


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