BTS Jimin’s ‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ Selected as One of the Best Documentaries of 2023

Jimin of BTS has been recognized for his first solo album ‘FACE’ through the documentary ‘Jimin’s Production Diary,’ selected as one of the ‘8 Best Documentaries of 2023’ by Leisure Byte. This global media outlet covers entertainment and lifestyle and has highlighted the documentary for its exploration of Jimin’s journey in producing ‘FACE’. Released on March 24 last year, ‘FACE’ is a reflection of Jimin’s self-discovery and transition into a solo artist. His active involvement in songwriting, composing, and production contributed to the album’s extraordinary success across major global music charts, including Billboard.

In October, Jimin released ‘Jimin’s Production Diary,’ a documentary detailing the making of ‘FACE.’ This documentary provided an in-depth look into Jimin’s creative process, his emotional journey, and his collaboration with producers, offering an unfiltered view into the album’s creation. It captivated a global audience and fans, showing a new side of Jimin as an artist and his dedication to his craft.

Leisure Byte, in their year-end review, emphasized the difficulty yet satisfaction in selecting the best documentaries of 2023, covering a wide range of topics including human rights, art, literature, crime, and war. ‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ was featured among these top documentaries, highlighting Jimin’s exceptional talent. The media outlet encouraged both fans and non-fans alike to explore Jimin’s work. Approximately ten months post-release, ‘FACE’ continues to impact the global music scene, demonstrating the album’s and Jimin’s lasting influence. The success of ‘FACE’ and the accompanying documentary have elevated expectations for Jimin’s future as a solo artist, showcasing his versatility and potential beyond his BTS identity.



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