Aespa to Release First Full Album ‘Armageddon’ on May 27, Four Years After Debut

K-pop group aespa is gearing up for a major comeback with the release of their first full album titled ‘Armageddon’. According to SM Entertainment, aespa will unveil the double title track ‘Supernova’ on May 13, followed by the release of the entire album, including another title track ‘Armageddon’ and a diverse mix of ten songs ranging from energetic hip-hop, bright and lively dance tracks, rhythmic modern pop, to ballads on May 27 at 6 PM. This release is anticipated to garner a warm reception from music fans worldwide.

This album marks aespa’s first full-length release since their debut four years ago, and it promises to deepen and enrich aespa’s musical world and message. Additionally, it will expand their unique concept and identity into the aespa universe’s Season 2 narrative, spanning from the real world to the digital and into a multiverse. This album is expected to be a well-crafted work that encapsulates all aspects of aespa’s identity and concept.

Since their striking debut in 2020 with ‘Black Mamba’, followed by successive hits such as ‘Next Level’, ‘Savage’, ‘Spicy’, and ‘Drama’, aespa has established themselves as global hitmakers. The upcoming album is highly anticipated, promising to showcase aespa’s continued evolution and impact in the music industry. The ‘Armageddon’ album will also be available physically from May 27.



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