‘D-1’ (G)I-DLE YUQI’s ‘FREAK’ Second MV Teaser

YUQI of (G)I-DLE to Release First Mini Album ‘YUQ1’ with the Title Track ‘FREAK’

YUQI from the group (G)I-DLE is set to return as a charming eccentric in her upcoming release. At midnight on the 22nd, Cube Entertainment released the second music video teaser for ‘FREAK’, the title track of YUQI’s first mini album ‘YUQ1’, through their official social media channels.

The teaser showcases YUQI in a mysterious atmosphere, initially appearing with horror movie characters like Jigsaw, Scream, and The Ring, as part of a band setup, which sparks curiosity. The video concludes with the intriguing phrase, “Freak is waiting for you,” heightening the suspense. This video not only features the melody of ‘FREAK’ but also completes the ‘lovely occult’ concept unique to YUQI, raising anticipation for the new release.

The mini-album ‘YUQ1’ marks YUQI’s official solo debut, blending a free-spirited and delicate artistic touch. The title track ‘FREAK’, with its minimal arrangement and band sound, encapsulates YUQI’s lively energy and is poised to become a favorite among both domestic and international listeners.

YUQI is scheduled to release her first mini album ‘YUQ1’ tomorrow at 6 PM and will be available on various online music sites, followed by a series of promotional activities.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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