SEVENTEEN Reveals Intense Beat of New Title Track ‘MAESTRO’

SEVENTEEN has released a sneak peek of four new songs from their upcoming best album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’. On April 23, the group shared a highlight medley video showcasing parts of the album tracks, including the title track ‘MAESTRO’, and unit songs ‘LALALI’, ‘Spell’, and ‘청춘찬가’ (‘Song of Youth’). Among these, ‘MAESTRO’ captured the most attention with its powerful beats and piano sounds, defining the dance R&B genre. The song carries a message of unity and leadership, encouraging all to come together and conduct the world as leaders of their flow.

The title track ‘MAESTRO’ includes easter eggs familiar to fans (known as CARAT), embedding previous musical elements from SEVENTEEN while crafting a new style unique to this release. Pledis Entertainment described this approach as a testament to SEVENTEEN’s ongoing evolution, building on their musical history. The hip-hop unit song ‘LALALI’ features a rugged sound with aggressive EDM, boom-bap, and dubstep elements, while ‘Spell’ by the performance unit offers a dreamy amapiano genre track hinting at unspoken mutual feelings with its enchanting lyrics. The vocal unit’s ‘청춘찬가’ (‘Song of Youth’) combines a lively rhythm with catchy melodies, celebrating the vibrance of youth and the small joys in everyday life.

The best album ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ not only includes these four new tracks but also features 20 hit songs from SEVENTEEN’s Korean albums, eight adapted tracks from their Japanese albums, and the instrumental ‘아낀다 (Inst.)’. The album, set for release on April 29, has already seen over 3 million pre-orders, indicating strong anticipation. Additionally, SEVENTEEN will hold the ‘SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ AGAIN TO SEOUL’ at Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 27-28, ahead of the album release.



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