Baby Monster, Completes a Winter Fantasia with Emotional Vocals in ‘Stuck In The Middle’

YG Entertainment’s new girl group, Baby Monster, has returned with an emotionally charged new song. On February 1st at midnight, they released the music video and audio for ‘Stuck In The Middle,’ a pre-released track from their upcoming debut mini-album, on various music sites. Since their debut in November last year with ‘BATTER UP,’ Baby Monster has gained global K-pop fans’ attention as the first new girl group launched by YG Entertainment in seven years, following BLACKPINK.

‘Stuck In The Middle’ showcases a 180-degree turn in Baby Monster’s charm, diverging from the powerful charisma and appeal demonstrated in ‘BATTER UP’ to reveal a more emotional side. This pop ballad captures the delicate feelings of a girl inexperienced in love, with lyrics that express the emotions felt when parting with someone, thus touching listeners’ hearts. The members have brought the song to life with their exceptional vocal abilities and unique voices, while the minimal instrumental arrangement and lyrical piano melodies enhance the warmth of the track.

The music video, released alongside the song, captivates viewers with its dreamy visual aesthetics, showcasing the members in beautiful dresses, thereby capturing the song’s lonely yet beautiful emotional line like a fantasy fairy tale. With this release, Baby Monster significantly raises expectations for their first mini-album, set to be released in April, showcasing a different emotional aspect from their previous work. Fans are already looking forward to the music that Baby Monster, returning as a complete seven-member group, will present in their comeback.



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