BabyMonster Makes a Comeback with Ahhyun’s First Appearance After a Year, Teaser Video for April 1st Release Unveiled

YG Entertainment has revealed the ‘BABYMONSTER – [BABYMONS7ER] VISUAL FILM’ for their upcoming girl group BabyMonster, set to release their first mini album on April 1st. The video, posted on their official blog on the 11th, features members Luka, Parita, Asa, Rami, Lora, and Chikita, whose powerful presence is amplified by the tense siren sounds and strong beats. Their charismatic expressions and gestures heighten anticipation for their new concept and stage presence.

Notably, the final scene captures viewers’ attention with the silhouette of Ahhyun, making a striking appearance despite only being briefly visible. Even in a fleeting moment, her powerful aura leaves a lasting impression of her distinct presence.

Ahhyun, known as a versatile “center of confidence” for her singing, rapping, dancing, and visuals, has garnered significant anticipation. Her cover of Charlie Puth’s ‘Dangerously’ before debut attracted hot responses worldwide, currently nearing 40 million views on YouTube. After a health-related hiatus, Ahhyun officially joins BabyMonster with the release of their first mini album [BABYMONS7ER] on April 1st at midnight. Previously, the group released ‘BATTER UP’ and ‘Stuck In The Middle’, showcasing their hip-hop vibe and vocal talents, respectively. Their music videos have surpassed 220 million and 100 million views on YouTube, continuing to gain popularity.

Despite releasing two songs, BabyMonster has not yet engaged in music broadcasts or fan meetings. With Ahhyun’s addition and the upcoming album, active promotions are anticipated, raising high expectations among music fans. BabyMonster’s debut as a complete seven-member group and their impact on the K-pop market is eagerly awaited.



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