Chungha Releases New Single ‘EENIE MEENIE’ Today, Featuring ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

Chungha heats up the excitement for her new release by unveiling a dance challenge with Hongjoong from ATEEZ.

On the 11th at 6 PM, Chungha released her new single ‘EENIE MEENIE’ on various online music sites. Adding to the buzz, a challenge video for the title track ‘EENIE MEENIE (Feat. Hongjoong of ATEEZ)’ was also released, garnering attention.

The collaboration showcases the perfect chemistry between Chungha and Hongjoong as they take on the dance challenge for ‘EENIE MEENIE’, raising expectations for the musical synergy they promise to deliver. As this marks the first music collaboration between the two artists, there’s growing curiosity about ‘EENIE MEENIE’, which is expected to blend the unique styles and charms of both Chungha and Hongjoong.

The new single ‘EENIE MEENIE’ represents a fresh start for Chungha, reflecting her contemplations on her future endeavors. Chungha’s involvement in the album’s lyrics enhances its authenticity and completeness, and she aims to captivate music fans worldwide with addictive choreography and high-quality performances.

The title track ‘EENIE MEENIE’ stands out with its danceable rhythm built around a deep and repeating contrabass line, offering an unpredictable flow that adds to the enjoyment of the song.

Chungha’s new single ‘EENIE MEENIE’ was made available on the 11th at 6 PM.



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