“Bang Si-hyuk’s Creation” ILLIT Debuts Today (25th) – Will They Surpass NewJeans and Le Sserafim?

ILLIT, often referred to as HYBE’s “youngest daughter,” marks a vigorous debut with the release of their first mini album “SUPER REAL ME” globally at 6 PM today. This album includes their lead single “Magnetic” along with its music video. ILLIT, consisting of members Yoona, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha, is the third girl group created by HYBE and the first by BELIFT LAB, known for producing ENHYPEN. They were formed through last year’s survival show “R U NEXT?” showcasing their versatility in visuals, vocals, performance, expression, and genre adaptation.

The group’s name, ILLIT, is a combination suggesting the potential “I WILL” do anything, and “IT” representing something special, embodying their dynamic and forward-looking potential. Even before their debut, ILLIT showcased their potential through short-form videos and original content, gaining popularity for their approachable and quirky persona. Their global activities have been notable, including being the first K-pop artists to attend an international fashion week before debut and participating as global campaign models for Acne Studios, paving their way as leading artists in the fifth generation of K-pop girl groups.

“SUPER REAL ME” delivers the message that “the real story of me is the best story,” reflecting the authenticity of today’s teenagers through emotions, thoughts, and everyday life. The album, featuring a variety of genres across four tracks including “Magnetic,” “My World,” “Midnight Fiction,” and “Lucky Girl Syndrome,” showcases the diverse and imaginative aspects of youth. “Magnetic” in particular highlights a teenage girl’s boldness in expressing her feelings, with a catchy melody that embodies the attraction and excitement of youthful love. ILLIT’s identity is further solidified through their unique performances and participation from young producers under Bang Si-hyuk’s guidance, promising a trendy and relatable experience for their audience. The debut show “ILLIT: I’LL (SHOW) IT” will further kickstart their official activities, being simulcast on Mnet, M2, and HYBE Labels’ official YouTube channel at 7 PM today.

Source: mydaily.co.kr


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