BTS Jimin Creates New History with Over 3 Billion Streams on Spotify

Jimin from BTS has etched new history by surpassing 3 billion streams on Spotify, showcasing his global music influence. As of March 24th, Jimin’s official Spotify profile reached this remarkable milestone, following his previous achievements of being the fastest K-pop solo artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify and setting a record for the quickest to hit 2 billion last October. Despite his Spotify profile being the last to be created among BTS members, Jimin achieved this feat in just 23 months.

Currently serving in the military, Jimin has continued to solidify his popularity as a K-pop solo artist, amassing 500 million streams in the first three months of 2024 alone without new activities. At the heart of these records is Jimin’s solo debut album ‘Face’, which has been breaking historic records since its release on March 24th, 2023. This 6-track mini album surpassed 1.9 billion streams on Spotify by March 30th, setting the record for the most streamed Korean solo album within a year of its release.

Notably, the album’s lead single ‘Like Crazy’ is on the verge of becoming the first Korean solo song to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. It has also made history by charting in Spotify’s Global Daily Top Songs chart for over a year, being the first and only K-pop solo song to achieve this, ranking 34th as of March 31st and maintaining its position in the ‘Top 50’ for more than 174 days, the longest for a K-pop solo song.

‘Like Crazy’ has received immense global love, charting for the longest period by a Korean solo song on the Spotify Daily Top Songs chart in the US for 162 days, and holding records in Brazil and Canada as well. Moreover, Jimin has maintained the number 1 position on Korea’s Spotify Daily Artist Chart for 266 days, the longest for any artist, with ‘Like Crazy’ also securing the top spot on the Daily Top Songs chart for 184 days and topping the Weekly Top Songs chart for 28 weeks, making it the first and only song to achieve such a record.



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