DRIPPIN Unveils ‘Beautiful MAZE’ Preview, Hypes Comeback with Unprecedented High-Quality Tracks

DRIPPIN (Hwang Yunseong, Lee Hyeop, Joo Changwook, Kim Dongyoon, Kim Minseo, Cha Junho) has heightened anticipation for their comeback with a sneak peek of their upcoming release. On April 1st at 8 PM, Woollim Entertainment shared a preview video of DRIPPIN’s fourth single ‘Beautiful MAZE’ on their official YouTube channel.

The preview reveals snippets of three songs from the new single, including the title track ‘Beautiful MAZE’, ‘Get LOUD’, and ‘Black MIRROR’, showcasing DRIPPIN’s fantastic vocal range and expanded musical spectrum. The video captivates both visually and audibly, featuring the members wandering through an endless maze and overlaying lyrics that blend with their dazzling visuals and a mysterious ambiance, heating up the excitement for their imminent comeback.

The title track ‘Beautiful MAZE’, a new wave genre song combining synth-pop sounds with an uptempo rhythm, explores the pain of being unable to escape from the emotions of love and breakup, likened to a maze. ‘Get LOUD’ conveys the exhilarating feeling of falling in love through youthful and vibrant lyrics, while ‘Black MIRROR’ delves into the contemplation between one’s virtual and real selves, pondering which is the true self.

This comeback marks DRIPPIN’s first release since their third single ‘SEVEN SINS’ in April last year. Having completed their ‘Villain’z Era’ storyline with three albums in 2022 (‘Villain’, ‘Villain: ZERO’, ‘Villain: The End’), DRIPPIN successfully transformed their concept once again with ‘SEVEN SINS’, based on the seven deadly sins that lead to humanity’s downfall.

DRIPPIN will celebrate their comeback with a GV event at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall at 8 PM on the release day, April 3rd. The event quickly sold out upon opening for reservation on CGV’s website on March 28th, proving their immense popularity. Fans can expect an engaging experience with the group, including a vivid viewing of the title track’s music video on a cinema screen and a special video presentation.

DRIPPIN’s fourth single ‘Beautiful MAZE’ is set for release on April 3rd at 6 PM across various music platforms, promising an array of high-quality tracks that will showcase their unique charm and musical evolution.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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