BTS Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ Dominates Argentine Vega Radio for 68 Consecutive Weeks as Number One, Establishing an Unrivaled Position”

BTS Jin’s first solo single, “The Astronaut,” continues to shine globally, maintaining its number one spot on the popular Argentine radio channel Vega Radio’s “KPOP TOP40 Ranking” for 68 consecutive weeks. With over 160,000 votes, “The Astronaut” has set a remarkable record, demonstrating overwhelming support with 169,350 votes as of February 20, indicating a rapidly increasing interest.

Jin previously topped Vega Radio’s “2023 TOP 40 K-POP” chart, reinforcing his status as an unrivaled powerhouse in the radio domain. Vega Radio celebrated Jin’s achievement of 50 consecutive weeks at number one on the “KPOP TOP40” by dedicating a special video to all ARMYs on their official Twitter account last October, garnering significant attention.

“The Astronaut” has been critically acclaimed for its broad appeal across various age groups, ensuring its long-term popularity among music fans. Besides its success in Argentina, the song also reached number one on Mexico’s House Radio channel’s “Rankig House TOP30” on January 27, marking its 17th time at the top and highlighting Jin’s status as the “Radio King.” Furthermore, it secured the 15th spot in “THE TOP 100 SONGS OF 2023” on Mexico’s El Lobo 106.1 radio station, achieving the highest rank for a Korean song and showcasing its immense popularity in Mexican radio.

Even a year after its release, “The Astronaut,” a gift song for fans before Jin’s military enlistment, continues to receive unwavering love, proving his powerful influence and popularity despite his service hiatus. Jin’s enduring success on various music charts, including Spotify and iTunes, solidifies his position as a top solo artist, with high expectations for his diverse activities post-discharge.



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