BTS Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ Tops as ‘Song of the Year 2023’ on a Mexican Radio

Jin, a member of the globally renowned K-pop group BTS, has achieved significant recognition with his solo single ‘The Astronaut’, which has been named ‘Song of the Year 2023’ by a popular Mexican radio channel, House Radio. This accolade highlights Jin’s rising popularity and the song’s widespread appeal.

‘The Astronaut’, Jin’s debut solo single, ranked first in the ‘RankigHouseYearEnd2023 TOP 30’ chart on House Radio, a prominent Mexican radio channel. This achievement follows Jin’s previous success on the same channel, where he was also ranked first in the ‘Rankig House Summer Edition TOP30’ chart, earning the title of ‘Radio King’. The summer chart saw Jin leading other renowned artists like Miley Cyrus, Metro Boomin, Rema, and SZA.

Furthermore, ‘The Astronaut’ has shown impressive performance on the charts throughout the year. It began charting on May 20th and reached the number one spot by June 3rd, maintaining a dominant position with 16 weeks at the top. Additionally, Jin’s song demonstrated its global appeal by securing the number one spot for 61 weeks in the ‘KPOP TOP40 Ranking’ on Vega Radio, a popular radio station in Argentina.

Despite Jin’s military enlistment in October 2022, ‘The Astronaut’ continues to garner overwhelming responses, underscoring Jin’s diverse talents and the song’s popularity. Even during his service as an active-duty soldier in the army, Jin’s music remains highly popular, dominating various global music charts like Spotify and iTunes, raising anticipation for his return from military service.



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