B1A4 Unveils a 5-Track Highlight Medley Including the Title Song ‘REWIND’

B1A4, a prominent South Korean music group, has recently revealed a glimpse of their new music through a highlight medley. On January 3rd, their agency, WM Entertainment, released this medley on their official SNS channels, showcasing a preview of their 8th mini album ‘CONNECT’. The video features B1A4’s uninhibited style along with snippets of all the tracks in the album, including the title song ‘REWIND’, captivating both the eyes and ears of their fans.

The title track ‘REWIND’ of B1A4’s 8th mini album stands out with its New Jack Swing genre, combining rhythmic bass, synthesizers, and groovy drum rhythms. Notably, member Shinwoo has personally written and composed this track, which talks about wanting to go back in time to meet someone seen in a dream. The song is characterized by its dynamic sound and B1A4’s evolved vocal depth, promising an intense and addictive experience.

Moreover, the album consists of a total of five tracks, all penned and composed by the group members, showcasing their emotional depth and authenticity. These tracks span various genres including New Jack Swing, retro-style dance music, and ballads. They encompass a wide range of themes, from the retro dance track with a fast rhythm and lyrical hook, ‘Meeting You After Time’, to the song ‘PAUSE’, which captures the thrill and excitement of a moment when the world seems to stop, just for two people. ‘When You Call My Name’ is a heartfelt message to their fans, and ‘There’s No Such Thing as Goodbye’ is a sentimental track co-written by all members, expressing longing for things that have left. This album, releasing approximately two years and two months after their digital single in November 2021, is highly anticipated for its deepened emotion and high-quality music. B1A4’s 8th mini album ‘CONNECT’ is set to be released on January 8th at 6 PM through various music sites, heightening the expectations of fans who have been eagerly waiting for new music from the group.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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