YG Treasure’s Double Win at ‘2023 MAMA’: Behind the Scenes Revealed

YG Entertainment’s boy group, Treasure, shared behind-the-scenes content from their successful performance at the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’, generating excitement among their global fanbase. The content, titled ‘T.M.I. Episode 46’, was posted on YG’s official social media platforms and captured the vibrant atmosphere of the event, held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on November 28th and 29th. The group demonstrated dedication and hard work during rehearsals, focusing on delivering a superior performance compared to the previous year. They engaged in rigorous practice sessions, including both unit and group stages, collaborating with over 40 dancers to enhance their large-scale dance performances.

At the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’, Treasure showcased their artistic abilities through various performances, including the rap line’s dynamic ‘G.O.A.T (RAP Unit) feat. Lee Young-hyun’ and T5’s visually impactful ‘MOVE’. The group also presented an impressive group performance with ‘BONA BONA’, involving ten members in a grand dance routine. Their meticulous preparation and attention to detail were evident in their performances, highlighting their status as accomplished performance artists.

Treasure’s efforts at the awards ceremony were rewarded with two major wins: ‘Galaxy Neo Flip Artist’ and ‘Favorite Dance Performance Male Group’, marking their third significant accolade since their comeback with their second album. These achievements were warmly received by their fans, known as Treasure Makers, to whom the group expressed their gratitude and commitment to continue striving for excellence. Following this success, Treasure has been actively promoting their second album ‘REBOOT’, which achieved million-seller status, and recently concluded a successful solo concert in Seoul. They are now preparing for their upcoming second Japan tour, ‘2024 TREASURE TOUR [REBOOT] IN JAPAN’, set to start in January in Fukuoka.

Source: tenasia.hankyung.com


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