BTS Jungkook’s ‘GOLDEN’ Surpasses 3 Billion Streams on Spotify, Setting New Records as the Fastest Asian and First K-pop Solo Artist

Jungkook of BTS has illuminated his presence on Spotify by surpassing 3 billion streams with his first solo album ‘GOLDEN’, released in November last year. This achievement not only showcases his global popularity but also marks ‘GOLDEN’ as the fastest album by an Asian artist to reach this milestone on Spotify, as well as being the first K-pop solo album to achieve this feat, according to the World Music Awards (WMA) official account.

‘GOLDEN’ achieved a cumulative streaming total of 3,008,387,414 within just 141 days of its release, with tracks spanning a variety of genres. ‘Seven’ alone accounts for 1.49 billion streams, followed by ‘Standing Next to You’ with 500 million, ‘3D’ with 470 million, and other tracks also recording impressive streaming numbers. Notably, ‘Seven’ set a record as the fastest song in Spotify history to reach 1 billion streams in 108 days and became the debut song with the fastest to reach 1.4 billion streams in 220 days.

Jungkook has also become the first K-pop solo artist to achieve 1 billion streams on Spotify in 2024, further solidifying his influence on the platform. ‘GOLDEN’ has consistently performed well on Spotify’s Weekly Top Album Global Chart, maintaining a position within the top 5 for five consecutive weeks and the top 10 for thirteen consecutive weeks, the longest for any Asian solo artist. Additionally, it remained on the chart for a record-breaking 20 consecutive weeks, the longest for any K-pop solo artist.

Moreover, Jungkook has achieved unprecedented success on the Billboard 200 chart, marking 20 consecutive weeks of presence as the first Asian solo artist and maintaining a position on the UK Official Main Album Chart Top 100 for the longest period (8 weeks) among K-pop solo artists.

With over 5.2 billion streams across all credits on his Spotify profile, Jungkook demonstrates unmatched influence and a unique presence as a leading solo artist on the platform, continuing to captivate fans worldwide with his music.



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