KISS OF LIFE’s Julie Transforms from a Hot Girl to a Girl in Love in Anticipated Comeback

The teaser video for Julie, a member of the group KISS OF LIFE, was released, showcasing a significant transformation from her previous chic and charismatic image to that of a girl deeply in love. Released at midnight on the 27th through KISS OF LIFE’s official channel, the trailer for the upcoming album ‘Midas Touch’ features Julie enjoying ordinary yet precious moments with a lover, capturing their joyful times together with a bright smile, relaxed poses, and fireworks enjoyment.

Differing from her earlier albums’ vibes, Julie’s trailer video evokes the aesthetics of a high-teen movie, complete with sweet background music, stirring excitement and anticipation among viewers. This change aligns with the album’s theme of ‘love’, presenting a narrative of enjoying blissful moments within matured affection, contrasting with fellow member Ha-neul’s portrayal of love as a comforting surprise amidst the exhausting realities of life.

‘Midas Touch’ by KISS OF LIFE aims to capture the universal experience of love with the group’s distinctive flair, promising high-quality music and performances that are expected to captivate both domestic and international K-POP fans.

KISS OF LIFE is set to make a comeback with their first single album ‘Midas Touch’ on April 3rd at 6 PM, raising expectations for their new portrayal of love and its joyful manifestations.



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