‘D-DAY’ UNIS Debuts Today (27th) with Mini Album ‘WE UNIS’

The group UNIS (Jin Hyun-joo, Nana, Jellydangka, Kotoko, Bang Yoon-ha, Elysia, Oh Yoon-ah, Im Seo-won) takes a bold step into the music scene with the release of their first mini album ‘WE UNIS’ at 6 PM on various music sites on the 27th. ‘WE UNIS’ marks the beginning of a new chapter for UNIS, themed around ‘our story, our beginning’, capturing a spectrum of emotions within the girls’ diverse colors.

The title track ‘SUPERWOMAN’ is a dance number blending Afrobeats with Moombahton and House genres, embodying UNIS’s confident and endearing ambition that anyone can be their own superhero. The debut album also features a mix of genres including ‘Butterfly’s Dream’, capturing the fluttering feelings of fresh love; ‘Whatchu Need’, reflecting the vibrant confidence of teenage girls; ‘Dopamine’, a powerful track about uncontrollable energy and the instinct to rush towards the stage; and ‘Dream of Girls’, an uplifting song about chasing dreams.

UNIS first gained public attention through a survival program, showcasing their solid skills and limitless music versatility. Following their debut confirmation, they have shared their multifaceted charm through album mood spoilers, concept photos, a highlight medley, and music video teasers.

Launching with the bold ambition of ‘We’re SUPERWOMAN’, UNIS steps forward, excelling in trendy music, performance, and visuals, aiming to bring a fresh breeze into the K-pop market as a fully formed girl group.

UNIS is an 8-member global girl group launched by F&F Entertainment, co-producer of ‘Universe Ticket’, composed of 4 members from Korea, 2 from Japan, and 2 from the Philippines. The team’s name signifies the shared journey of writing our stories that began in the universe. Pre-debut, the members took their first step towards their dream through ‘Universe Ticket’, and as UNIS, they continue to write their expanding narrative.

Following the release of ‘WE UNIS’, UNIS is set to hold their debut fan showcase at 8 PM on the same day, embarking on their official promotional activities.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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