BTS ‘PTD’ performance extended version explodes in popularity on youtube and twitter


The UN performance ‘Extended Version’, which was released through BTS official YouTube channel BTS TV on the 21st, doubled the lively and cheerful atmosphere by adding a free-spirited look with dancers to the latter part of the original original performance. 
The ‘Permission to Dance’ performance, released after BTS gave a speech at the opening session of the 76th UN General Assembly ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment’, features various spatial movements, one-take filming techniques like watching a musical, and the seven members’ performance. The delightful choreography made it impossible to take viewers’ eyes off of it. 
BTS started to sing ‘Permission to Dance’ at the UN General Assembly meeting room, then went around the General Assembly lobby, the entrance to the office building, and the grass plaza in turn. 
BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’ performance was posted on the UN official SNS, and as of the 22nd, the number of Twitter views exceeded 2.7 million. 
As soon as BTS arrived in New York, USA, they immediately started preparing for the performance filming and finished filming in and out of the building with the UN General Assembly. 
In an interview with the UN ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment’ immediately after the speech, Melissa Fleming, deputy secretary-general of the UN Global Communication Agency, said to BTS, “Thank you for the wonderful performance video you showed at the General Assembly.” 
As a ‘President’s special envoy for future generations and culture’, BTS has not only delivered speeches and performances at the 76th UN General Assembly, but also has been doing special activities for future generations such as an interview with the UN SDG Moment, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Korean room visit, and an interview on ABC.



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