BTS’ ‘wise quarantine life’. From cooking to drinking… ‘Are they on a vacation?’

BTS members, who went on their second long vacation after their debut, are in quarantine in their own way.

Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook, who returned to Korea first after completing their broadcast appearances following the performance of ‘BTS Permission to Dance on Stage – LA’, the first face-to-face concert in two years that ended in LA on the 2nd, were quarantined for 10 days starting on the 6th. 

V, who recently returned to Korea, also went into quarantine shortly thereafter. 

RM, who posted a photo of the late artist Yoon Hyung-geun’s special exhibition in the United States, is communicating more actively with fans by sharing past photos. 

One of their main tasks is to go to each other’s Instagram or Weverse posts and comment on jokes. When RM posted a picture of his bare face and said, “Now I really look like I’m in 30’s,” Jin replied, ‘It’s a matter of mental power. If you think you’re 20, you’re 20″, making the ARMYs laugh. 

Among them, Jin cooks himself and then takes a picture and uploads it. Seeing that the members commented, ‘I’m going to wash the dishes’ on the posts. Jin is also continuing his online activities related to ‘Super Tuna’, which was released on the 4th, his birthday, as an event song. 

Jin continues his witty commenting activities by posting photos of himself making the costumes in the video, or by asking members to ‘please do some featuring’ on their Instagram accounts.



  1. Hi bts I’m from India but still I like you. But the most I like taehyung. I like you all but. The most I like taehyung. I can’t come in your concerts. But still I like you. I just want to talk to you bts it’s my dream. Byy


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