BTS’s Jin Achieves iTunes No. 1 in 39 Countries with ‘Abyss’

BTS’s Jin has demonstrated his powerful global influence with his self-composed song ‘Abyss,’ which has reached No. 1 on iTunes in 39 countries.

‘Abyss’ recently topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in Nicaragua, bringing its total to 37 countries, followed by No. 1 rankings in Cape Verde and Venezuela, achieving the milestone of 39 countries overall. This feat underscores Jin’s strong presence in the music scene.

‘Abyss,’ which means “deep ocean,” reflects Jin’s candid feelings during a period of burnout. It was released on BTS’s official SoundCloud, BANGTANTV, and blog two hours before his birthday in December 2020. Jin shared the song’s audio and lyrics on the official BTS blog, explaining that he wanted to express his sadness through music rather than his usual demeanor, allowing fans to connect with his deeper emotions.

Despite the lack of promotion or a music video, ‘Abyss’ has garnered significant attention and acclaim. The YouTube audio video on BANGTANTV became the first Korean solo video to reach 3 million likes and set a record for the most comments, surpassing XXXTENTACION’s ‘Jocelyn Flores,’ with 327 million likes and 850,000 comments as of June 19.

Initially available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, ‘Abyss’ was officially released on all streaming platforms in October 2022. Upon release, it quickly ranked high on various charts, including the Worldwide Chart, iTunes US Chart, and iTunes Europe Chart, further proving its global appeal.

On Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, ‘Abyss’ has surpassed 60 million streams, with over 62.82 million streams as of June 19. The song’s dreamy melody and heartfelt lyrics continue to resonate with listeners worldwide, maintaining its popularity even three years after its release.



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