SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan and Wonwoo Transform ‘THIS MAN’ into an Audiobook: A ‘Listening Novel’ Experience

SEVENTEEN’s special unit, Jeonghan and Wonwoo, have reimagined their single ‘THIS MAN’ as a ‘listening novel.’ On June 18 at 11 PM, they released the audiobook ‘Full Story of THIS MAN read by JxW’ on SEVENTEEN’s official SNS and YouTube channel. The audiobook features Jeonghan and Wonwoo narrating a story written by renowned genre novelist Cho Yeo-eun.

The audiobook revisits key elements and settings from the music video of their title track ‘Last Night (Guitar by Park Joo-won).’ These include the shrouded city, the soup Jeonghan eats, and the lemonade Wonwoo drinks, revealing their symbolic meanings within the narrative.

Jeonghan and Wonwoo’s distinct vocal tones add another layer of enjoyment to the audiobook. Jeonghan’s dreamy and languid voice contrasts with Wonwoo’s deep and resonant tones, highlighting their unique charms. This new blend of their voices has been well received by global fans, offering a different experience from their song ‘Last Night (Guitar by Park Joo-won).’

‘THIS MAN’ is a reinterpretation of an urban legend where people around the world see the same man in their dreams, crafted into an original story by Jeonghan and Wonwoo. The album achieved half-million-seller status on its release day, June 17, and the title track reached number three on the Worldwide iTunes Songs chart, indicating its success.

The album has also garnered praise from global media. Rolling Stone highlighted the “smart blend of electro-pop and delicate acoustic guitar” in ‘Last Night (Guitar by Park Joo-won),’ while Consequence described ‘THIS MAN’ as a chronological album exploring the urban legend of the man seen in dreams.

Jeonghan and Wonwoo are scheduled to perform their new song on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’ on June 20.



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