H1-KEY Makes Comeback After 4 Months with ‘LOVE or HATE’

The girl group H1-KEY (Seoi, Riina, Huiseo, Yel) is making a comeback with a fresh charm. According to their agency GLG, H1-KEY will release their third mini-album ‘LOVE or HATE’ on various online music sites at 6 PM on the 19th.

‘LOVE or HATE’ marks H1-KEY’s return approximately four months after their ‘H1-KEYnote’ project earlier this year. The new album captures a wide range of emotions, from wild vibes to warm moods.

The album includes four tracks: the title track ‘Let It Burn,’ ‘♥ Letter,’ ‘Iconic,’ and ‘Rainfalls.’ ‘Let It Burn’ is a stylish track with a heavy and groovy boom bap hip-hop rhythm combined with rough and aggressive grunge rock sounds, written and composed by Hong Jisang, who has crafted many of H1-KEY’s hits including ‘Rose in the Building.’

The album also features contributions from renowned producers such as Louise Udin and Gustav Landell, who worked on Fifty Fifty’s ‘Cupid’ and Hwasa’s ‘I’m a 빛,’ Sweetune’s Han Jae-ho and Kim Seung-soo, and Monotree’s Hwang Hyun and GDLO. Additionally, members Seoi, Riina, Huiseo, and Yel participated in writing the lyrics for the second track ‘♥ Letter,’ adding their unique touch to the album.

The choreography for the comeback is directed by 1MILLION’s chief choreographer Lia Kim, enhancing the performance quality. The music video is directed by Highqualityfish, known for their work on aespa’s ‘Drama,’ (G)I-DLE’s ‘TOMBOY,’ and ‘Super Lady,’ ensuring a high-quality visual experience.

H1-KEY’s ‘LOVE or HATE’ is set to showcase their evolving artistry and diverse musicality, offering fans a compelling blend of sounds and visuals.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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