Comeback D-2 ONEUS, new album ‘MALUS’ breaks taboo with fatal sexy beauty


The new album ‘MALUS’ of the group ONEUS has been unveiled. RBW, the agency, released the highlight medley video of the 8th mini album ‘MALUS’ through the official social media of ONEUS (Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion) at 0 o’clock on the 3rd. 

The released video contains the highlight sound of 7 songs from ONEUS’s new album ‘MALUS’. Next, ‘STUPID LOVE’, which expresses blind unrequited love with a melody that crosses octaves, ‘Gravitation’ of a romantic story of a lover who recognized each other among countless people, and a guitar with the smell of the sea Upbeat’s retro pop ‘Mermaid’, where a synth sound leads to the beach at once, and ‘FULL MOON’, which contains a heart that has no choice but to know that a longing existence will put him in danger.

The title song ‘Same Scent’ is a song that contains the heart of a man who remembers the ecstatic moment by remembering his lover with the scent, just like Adam and Eve who took the forbidden fruit and paid the price. 

Raven participated in writing lyrics for 5 songs and composing 2 songs, including the lyrics for the title song ‘Same Scent’. Lee Do also participated in writing lyrics for three songs, including the title song, and along with member Seoho, he was named in the lyrics and composition of ‘Gravitation’ with member Seoho, showing a broader musical spectrum. ONEUS showed off the sexy beauty of the six members through teasing content, including a visual film that foreshadows the new album ‘MALUS’, which means forbidden fruit.





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