“Comeback” Red Velvet’s Wendy Captures Hearts with Teaser Images

Red Velvet’s Wendy is set to charm her fans with the release of her second mini-album “Wish You Hell.” According to SM Entertainment on the 5th, the album includes “Best Ever,” a medium-tempo R&B pop song characterized by its fluffy EP sound and lively bass line, reminiscent of a lazy and pleasant weekend afternoon. The lyrics convey a youthful innocence as if reverting back to a girl awkward in front of her first love, combined with the confidence that now, a perfect love is possible, sparking a thrilling excitement.

Another track, “Vermilion,” stands out as an R&B pop ballad enriched with lush string melodies and layered vocals. The lyrics metaphorically describe becoming more like and braver because of a shining love, comparing these feelings to the warm and cozy emotions evoked by a watercolor-like sunset painting the blue sky in vibrant colors.

At midnight on the 5th, teaser images and a concept clip previewing the vibe of the new album were revealed on various Red Velvet SNS channels. Wendy’s trendy appearance, emitting a free yet unique vibe, captured the attention of fans.

Wendy’s second mini-album “Wish You Hell” consists of six songs showcasing a variety of charms and is scheduled for release on various music sites at 6 PM on March 12th.

Source: heraldpop.com


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