TOMORROW X TOGETHER Unveils Fairy Tale-Themed Concept Trailer Teaser

TOMORROW X TOGETHER has released a video imbued with fairy tale-like sentimentality.

On March 5th, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, Huening Kai) revealed six teaser clips for the concept trailer of “minisode 3: TOMORROW.” The video, showcasing five paper crowns placed atop a desert, hints at the overall mood of the upcoming concept trailer. The individual clips focus on the visuals of the five members, who create a fairy tale and romantic ambiance, dressed in elegant ivory outfits and sparkling paper crowns.

Their upcoming mini album “minisode 3: TOMORROW,” set for release on April 1st, concludes the “Chapter of Names” and transitions into a new series. The album encompasses narratives from the series they have presented since debut, including the “Chapter of Dreams,” “Chapter of Chaos,” and “Chapter of Names.” It sparks various speculations about the stories of boys who have experienced fractures in friendship (“Chapter of Dreams”), failures in love (“Chapter of Chaos”), and temptation (“Chapter of Names”) that this album will tell.

Especially, the phrase “Even if we part ways, let’s promise to meet here again” found on the album package shot released on April 4th, piques curiosity. This phrase, from the music video for “Nap of a Star” included in TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s debut album “The Dream Chapter: STAR,” serves as a crucial clue for guessing the theme of the new album.

Meanwhile, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “minisode 3: TOMORROW” is scheduled for release at 6 PM on April 1st.



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