Roy Kim Returns with New Single “Even If Spring Comes”

Roy Kim makes a comeback with his new single “Even If Spring Comes,” captivating listeners with his delicate emotional expression. Released on various online music sites at 6 PM on April 4th, the song discusses the importance of remembering those who have stayed by one’s side through the endless growing pains of life. Kim’s self-written and composed track encapsulates a warm emotional depth, with his sweet sound and comforting voice effectively conveying the song’s lyrics, resonating deeply with listeners.

“Even If Spring Comes” is a reflection on the cycle of blossoming and withering in the journey of life, emphasizing the value of not forgetting the individuals who have supported one’s growth. Kim’s ability to blend his gentle emotion into the music, alongside a tender and soothing voice, crafts a touching and empathetic message within the lyrics.

With the release of the song, Kim has also unveiled various promotional materials including a lyrical poster with a poetic atmosphere, handwritten Q&A teaser images, and an official video teaser with a dreamy mood. “Even If Spring Comes” is anticipated to be Roy Kim’s signature spring season song following “Spring Spring Spring,” capturing the hearts of music fans with its deep solace and relatability. The single is available for listening on multiple online music platforms.



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