‘Coming Back on the 9th’ Just B Completes Release of Three Official Photos for Mini Album ‘÷ (NANUGI)’

ust B, the K-pop group, is gearing up for their comeback with the release of their fourth mini-album, ‘÷ (NANUGI).’ Over the past few days, they have unveiled a series of official photos showcasing their unique concept for this album. The photos feature the members in outfits that blend gray and pink, representing the key colors of the album’s concept. The overarching message of their new release centers on the idea of bringing warmth and hope to a cold and gray world, symbolized by the pink elements in their visuals.

Their concept, known as ECO+Universe, emphasizes values of sharing and taking action for positive change, resonating with a global audience. This album marks their return after an 11-month hiatus and showcases the members’ increased involvement in producing several tracks. Just B aims to offer fans a diverse experience, starting from the trailer set in Los Angeles to the release of these official photos.

With the release of these captivating visuals, Just B continues to build anticipation for their comeback. Their fourth mini-album, ‘÷ (NANUGI),’ is scheduled to drop on October 9th at 6 PM KST, and fans are eagerly awaiting more hints and teasers about their title track, ‘MEDUSA.’

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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