Davichi’s Comeback: New Release ‘I’ll Be On Your Side’ Today (26th) Hits the Spring Sentiment

The female duo Davichi returns with a refreshing spring sentiment, offering healing and comfort through their music. Lee Hae-ri and Kang Min-kyung, the members of Davichi, are set to release their new song ‘I’ll Be On Your Side’ at 6 PM on the 26th through various online music sites.

‘I’ll Be On Your Side’ conveys the comforting message of becoming someone’s support during their moments of feeling insignificant or when they are hurt by unexpected trials, encapsulating the solace of spring. The song aims to touch the listeners’ emotions with its delicate lyrics, providing warm comfort and encouragement to those who have had a challenging day.

Davichi is known for their poignant melodies and lively sound, and they continue to impress with their signature medium-tempo ballad style. This new release is expected to deliver profound emotions and lingering sentiments from the moment it’s heard. Accompanied by a sweet and exciting music video that enhances the song’s mood, it’s poised to capture the hearts of listeners.

Fans can look forward to experiencing Davichi’s ‘I’ll Be On Your Side’ starting from 6 PM on the 26th across various online music platforms, marking a soothing addition to the spring season’s playlist.

Source: heraldpop.com


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