EVERGLOW to Make a Chilling Comeback on the 10th with ‘ZOMBIE’ MV Teaser Revealed

EVERGLOW has transformed into deadly zombies, captivating fans worldwide. The group, consisting of members E, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren, released the music video teasers for their fifth single album ‘ZOMBIE’ on their official social media channels on the 3rd and 4th.

The first teaser video features highlights from the music video, beginning with a dramatic scene of red blood splattering on a phone screen. The members of EVERGLOW are shown lying in a hospital room, awakening as zombies. Each member clings to their phone, seemingly waiting for a message, and the teaser ends with Sihyeon crying out, heightening the suspense and curiosity.

A subsequent teaser focused on Sihyeon’s English interview, where she shares a cryptic narrative: “In the vast universe, our Earth is but a tiny dot. People misunderstand each other, fight a lot, and hold deep grudges. It’s like trying to grasp a love that has already vanished.” Her high-pitched laughter closes the interview, followed by ethereal music that amplifies the eerie atmosphere.

The title track ‘ZOMBIE’ is a collaboration with The Stereotypes, producers for global pop artists like Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic, Ne-Yo, and Justin Bieber. The song features ‘love’ and ‘hate’ as its main themes, delivering a fierce love song that strongly reflects EVERGLOW’s unique identity.

With the striking music video teasers generating a hot response, anticipation is high for how EVERGLOW will captivate global fans with their compelling story. EVERGLOW’s fifth single album ‘ZOMBIE’ will be released on the 10th at 6 PM on various online music platforms.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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