Fan of NewJeans, Takashi Murakami Collaborates with Min Hee-jin on ‘Right Now’

Takashi Murakami, a renowned Japanese pop artist and avid fan of the girl group NewJeans, has collaborated with Adore’s CEO Min Hee-jin, the producer behind NewJeans. The collaboration was revealed through a teaser for the new song ‘Right Now’ on NewJeans’ YouTube channel and social media. ‘Right Now’ is included in NewJeans’ upcoming debut double single ‘Supernatural’, set to be released in Japan next month.

The teaser features characters of NewJeans members designed in collaboration with the popular American animated series ‘Powerpuff Girls’. In the teaser, these characters stumble upon Murakami’s iconic rainbow-colored ‘Flower’ character during a stroll. The flower character then transforms into ‘Binky Bong’, one of NewJeans’ rabbit characters, reminiscent of how NewJeans stylized the Apple logo with their signature rabbit ears.

Murakami, who solidified his popularity in South Korea with his exhibition ‘Takashi Murakami: Murakami Zombie’ at the Busan Museum of Art last year, has previously collaborated with international fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Supreme, as well as pop stars such as Billie Eilish and K-pop group BLACKPINK.

During an exhibition last year, he expressed his admiration for NewJeans, stating, “I am a huge fan of NewJeans. I would be grateful if you could introduce me to them.” This led to a growing friendship with Min Hee-jin. Murakami is also known to have supported NewJeans’ official debut in Japan and their Tokyo Dome fan meeting in June.

Meanwhile, Min Hee-jin and HYBE are currently engaged in a public dispute, but promotions for NewJeans’ domestic comeback this month and their debut in Japan next month are proceeding as planned.



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