MAMAMOO’s Solar Hits #1 on iTunes ‘Top Albums’ Chart Worldwide with ‘COLOURS’

Solar, a member of the girl group MAMAMOO, has made a striking comeback with her mini-album ‘COLOURS’, capturing top positions on global music charts. Released on April 30, the album swiftly climbed to the number one spot on the iTunes ‘Top Albums’ charts in five countries and regions immediately after its release. It also secured the fourth position on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and tenth on the European iTunes Album Chart, showcasing Solar’s broad global appeal.

The album’s lead single ‘But I’ has received a warm reception, entering the top 10 of the iTunes ‘Top Songs’ chart in seven countries and regions. Other tracks from the album, such as ‘Colors’ and ‘Blues’, have also performed well, ranking high on several regional iTunes ‘Top Songs’ charts.

‘COLOURS’ is Solar’s first solo release in over two years and features six tracks that explore a variety of genres including house, rock, pop ballads, R&B, folk, and blues. This album not only highlights Solar’s versatility but also her songwriting prowess, as she has penned four tracks and has credits on most of the album, proving her musical talents.

Listeners have praised the album, describing it as “quintessentially Solar,” “surprisingly well-suited to rock,” “capable of mastering any genre,” “meticulously crafted,” and a “vocal powerhouse show.” They laud the album as a “masterpiece that encapsulates both mass appeal and musicality.”

With the release of ‘But I’, Solar is set to commence her promotional activities, further establishing her as a versatile and influential artist in the music industry.



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