Zico and Jennie’s ‘SPOT!’ Dominates Domestic Music Charts with an All-Kill

Zico’s latest digital single ‘SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)’, released on April 30, has achieved a significant milestone by topping all major domestic music charts in South Korea, including Melon, Bugs, Genie, Naver Vibe, and FLO. This achievement, known as an ‘all-kill’, highlights the track’s widespread popularity. Remarkably, ‘SPOT!’ has consistently held the top position on the Bugs daily chart since its release.

This track has also set a record on Melon by becoming the first song this year to surpass 400,000 daily users. Moreover, within 24 hours of its release, ‘SPOT!’ garnered 1,353,300 plays, earning it a spot in Melon’s Hall of Fame for surpassing one million streams within a day.

Internationally, ‘SPOT!’ has made its mark on Spotify, the world’s largest streaming platform, ranking 74th on the ‘Daily Top Songs Global’ chart as of April 29. The song notably climbed 83 places in just three days, from its initial spot at 157th on April 26.

Celebrating his 10th anniversary as a solo artist, Zico describes ‘SPOT!’ as a song capturing an unfiltered moment between two friends who meet unexpectedly at a late-night party. He confidently shared on the web show ‘Neighborhood Star K4’ that listeners would immediately recognize it as a Zico song, yet it also incorporates new creative elements.

Zico not only wrote, composed, arranged, and produced ‘SPOT!’, but also handled the artist feature and directing of the project. The track continues Zico’s legacy of hit songs such as ‘Any Song’ and ‘Saebyeok (Prod. ZICO) (Feat. Homies)’, reaffirming his reputation for producing reliable hits.

Upcoming, Zico is scheduled to appear on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Day6’s Kiss the Radio’ on May 1 at 10 PM and MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Eana’s Starry Night’ on May 2 at 10 PM, further promoting his successful new single.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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