From Brave Girls, Viviz to Kepler… Queendom 2 on the 31st


The 6 girl groups who will compete on Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2’ released checkmate videos through the channel’s official SNS channel.

This is a video that conveys their determination to show a wonderful performance in Queendom 2 by making full use of the charms of each of the six girl groups. 

Brave Girls said, “We think we are one of the most attractive teams, but we don’t think we have shown much charm yet.” 

Viviz, who announced a successful new start as a three-member group from Gfriend, said, “Our strength is the strong teamwork we’ve been working on for 10 years and the 8 years of experience equipped with the spirit of a rookie.”

WJSN said, “The strength of WJSN is that the range of concepts that can be digested is wide as the overall balance of the members, including vocals and performances, is good. Besides, we think the strength is that there are many members with versatile charms in the team, such as vocals and talents.” 

Kepler said, “The strong and bright energy of the 9 members with various charms is our group’s strength. Please look forward to it.” 

Hyolyn said, “I am greedy to show various stages that are not limited to genres. I will repay fans’ wait with good songs and performances.”




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