“Goal is No. 1 on music shows”… ‘Space Pirate’ Everglow, start to conquer the music industry

“I’m excited to be able to show you our own pirate,” said Everglow. 

Everglow met fans in various ways this year, such as ‘First’, a warrior who creates a new light, and ‘Promises’, which contains the image of a lively girl. 

The title song ‘Pirate’ is a pop EDM genre song with strong drums, synth melody, and dynamic song changes and composition. It contains Everglow’s aspiration to become a pirate and lead the world with our own style. 

Aisha said, “We tried to transform into a space pirate using the movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ as a motif.” Yiren said, “We read fans’ comments and they liked it so much, so we thought it was good.”

In particular, the choreography is decorated with groundbreaking movements, including the ‘Cheeky Pirate Dance’, which is a reinterpretation of the Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘Cheeky Dance’. 

Mia said, “In ‘First’, it was physically difficult, but this time around, skills such as movement and arm movements became difficult. We also interpreted ‘Crazy Dance’ as a version of the MZ generation.”. 

In addition, this album contains a total of 5 songs. 

“When you think of Everglow, I hope you can think of a unique concept and intense performance,” said E:U.

Aisha said, “Our color becomes clear every time we release an album, and our strength is that six people come together to create a color.” 

Everglow releases ‘Return of the Girl’ at 6 pm on the same day. Mia said, “We want to imprint our team and we want to try to win first place on a music show.”

Source: sports.chosun.com


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