Highlight Confirms Release of 5th Mini Album ‘Switch On’ on March 11

The idol group Highlight (HIGHLIGHT) is set to make their comeback with the release of their 5th mini album ‘Switch On’ on March 11. Members Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Lee Gikwang, and Son Dongwoon will present this new album, marking their first full-group release in 1 year and 4 months since their 4th mini album ‘AFTER SUNSET’ in November 2022. The group initiated the official countdown to their comeback by releasing the trailer and scheduler for ‘Switch On’ on the 26th, showcasing their mature visuals and mesmerizing charm through artistic visuals and poses in the trailer.

The trailer not only highlights their distinctive mature and captivating charm but also increases curiosity about the concept of ‘Switch On’ through its photogenic shots utilizing bright lights and mirrors. Furthermore, a snippet of the new song hints at another musical style of Highlight, accompanied by the phrase “BEWARE OF GLARE FROM STRONG HIGHLIGHT.”

As Highlight celebrates their 15th debut anniversary this year, they approach their comeback with a special mindset, raising expectations for their latest work ‘Switch On.’ Fans are eagerly anticipating the full release, as well as various upcoming contents such as the tracklist, four types of concept photos, a highlight medley, and two music video teasers. Highlight’s 5th mini album ‘Switch On’ will be available on various online music sites at 6 PM on March 11.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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