The Reason Why LE SSERAFIM’s New Song ‘Easy’ Is Attracting Attention

LE SSERAFIM has made a striking comeback with their new track “Easy,” generating significant attention for several reasons. Prior to their return, they captivated interest with a teaser video showcasing daring outfits. The song “Easy” has achieved a record-breaking number of streams on Spotify within a day of its release, marking the highest daily streaming count for any of LE SSERAFIM’s songs. This achievement is notable given the challenge for idol groups to consistently generate buzz with each comeback and to gain recognition in new musical genres after being known for a particular style. LE SSERAFIM’s continuous effort to innovate and create buzz around their music has paid off, showcasing their versatility across various genres with confidence and ease.

The interest in “Easy” stems from LE SSERAFIM’s tradition of releasing engaging and story-rich teasers for each comeback, with the teaser for “Easy” being particularly well-received. The teaser highlighted the group’s unique sensibility, featuring animation-like narration that conveyed their journey wasn’t easy, yet they made it appear so due to their identity as LE SSERAFIM. This approach, along with songs that fuel listeners’ ambitions, has become a hallmark of their music, resonating strongly with their audience. “Easy” presents a chill yet hip vibe, differing from their previous titles by being more relaxed and less intense. This shift has prompted mixed reactions from fans, with some appreciating the new direction and others missing the group’s signature intensity. However, the diverse responses reflect the group’s successful experimentation with their musical identity, showcasing a lighter and hipper concept while retaining their core essence.

Moreover, “Easy” highlights LE SSERAFIM’s strategic use of multiple languages in their lyrics, catering to both international and domestic fans. This multilingual approach enhances their global appeal and showcases the advantages of being a multinational group. The anticipation and satisfaction fans experience with each new release highlight the joy of following a favorite artist. LE SSERAFIM’s ability to meet and exceed fan expectations with “Easy” underscores the album’s success, proving its addictive quality and strong appeal over time. This comeback not only satisfies existing fans but also expands their musical range, promising an even more diverse and appealing mix of concepts in future releases.



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