Highlight Releases 5th Mini Album ‘Switch On’: Celebrating 15 Years of Iconic Presence

Highlight, a renowned group, has marked the beginning of their full-scale activities in 2024 with the release of their fifth mini album ‘Switch On’ on the 11th. This album, their first complete group release in 1 year and 4 months, has been prepared with unprecedented care. With the release of the second music video teaser for the title track ‘BODY’, all scheduled teasers have been revealed, heightening anticipation for a diverse and enriching comeback experience.

The title track ‘BODY’ showcases Highlight’s bubbly and vibrant charm. While previous releases post-military service emphasized a mature and refined sexiness with songs like ‘Blow’ (literal translation), ‘DAYDREAM’, and ‘Alone’, ‘BODY’ introduces a kitschy yet exhilarating appeal as their new forte. Leveraging the solid skills of all four members, Highlight aims to expand their musical spectrum once again.

The addictive hook of “Shake your body” and the visually stunning teaser of ‘BODY’ have received enthusiastic responses from K-POP fans, highlighting the song’s catchy quality and the video’s aesthetic appeal. This activity phase for ‘BODY’ promises to showcase Highlight’s chemistry and genuine laughter on stage. A line from Lee Gikwang’s self-composed song ‘Switch On’, “I’m still Iconic”, in the trailer, encapsulates Highlight’s proud identity. Having walked a symbolic path as leading K-POP artists for 15 years, their evolving music style is expected to manifest a unique team color through their live performance skills and teamwork. The release of Highlight’s 5th mini album ‘Switch On’ on the 11th at 6 PM is anticipated to continue their tradition of setting trends, marking a significant milestone in their 15th debut anniversary.

Source: kstar.kbs.co.kr


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