Treasure Regains No. 1 on Billboard Japan with “REBOOT,” Achieving Double Crown

YG Entertainment’s flagship boy group, Treasure, has once again topped the Billboard Japan charts.

According to YG Entertainment on the 7th, Treasure’s second full album “REBOOT” claimed the top spot on Billboard Japan’s “Hot Albums” and “Top Albums Sales” charts on the previous day, securing a double crown.

This marks the second triumph for Treasure, having previously topped both charts upon the release of “REBOOT” in August last year. Despite being released 7 months ago, the album has continued to enjoy popularity, charting for 32 and 31 weeks consecutively on each chart respectively.

Their recent release, the third mini album in Japan titled “REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-,” is also enjoying dual popularity. After dominating the “Hot Albums” and “Top Albums Sales” charts at number 1 last week, the album has now placed third.

The rise in popularity in Japan is attributed to the release of the new album, a massive tour in Japan, and appearances on five major terrestrial TV broadcasts.

Released on the 21st, “REBOOT -JP SPECIAL SELECTION-” quickly topped the Oricon chart, Japan’s largest music site. The lead track “LET IT BURN” ranked first on Rakuten Music and climbed to the upper ranks of major local music charts.

Meanwhile, Treasure is set to embark on an Asian tour starting in May.



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