ILLIT, “HYBE’s Youngest Daughter,” Turns Imagination into Reality

The rookie group ILLIT, often referred to as “HYBE’s youngest daughter,” is raising global fans’ expectations with sequential reveals hinting at the group’s color and direction. ILLIT (YoonA, Minju, Mocha, WonHee, Iroha) unveiled the second concept photos and films for their debut mini-album, ‘SUPER REAL ME,’ on their official SNS at midnight KST on the 7th. While the ‘REAL ME’ version revealed the day before presented them as the ‘real me’ akin to classmates, the ‘SUPER ME’ version portrays them as ‘transcendent girls’ blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

In the ‘SUPER ME’ version, ILLIT’s pure yet dreamy charm stands out. The members showcase their imaginative power: YoonA becomes a giant in a small room, Minju enjoys solitude in a garden visible through water droplets, Mocha is buried among dolls, WonHee lies on clouds as if they were a bed, and Iroha plays with a unicorn with blue floral patterns. When the five members come together, their innocent beauty captivates the viewer’s heart.

Belift Lab, their agency, explained that the ‘SUPER ME’ concept reflects the thoughts and imaginations that the members have in the early hours, emphasizing ILLIT’s quirky and vibrant perspective on the world. They are described as a group with the potential and capability to become anything. ILLIT is set to globally release their mini-album ‘SUPER REAL ME’ on the 25th at 6 PM KST, with plans to ramp up their popularity by sequentially releasing individual videos (SUPER REAL ME), track lists, a highlight medley, and two types of music video teasers.



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