ILLIT Sets New Record with ‘Magnetic,’ Fastest Girl Group Song to Reach 100 Million Streams on Japan’s Oricon Chart

ILLIT has achieved a remarkable milestone in Japan, setting a new record for the fastest girl group song to reach 100 million streams. According to Oricon, ILLIT’s debut mini-album ‘Super Real Me’ and its title track ‘Magnetic’ have accumulated 100,197,1413 streams as of June 10.

Oricon stated, “Since its first appearance on the weekly streaming ranking on April 8, ‘Magnetic’ surpassed 100 million streams in just 11 weeks, marking the quickest ascent to this milestone for any female group on this chart.”

ILLIT’s popularity extends beyond Japan, achieving significant global success. ‘Magnetic’ has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify as of May 21, setting another record for the fastest debut song by a K-pop girl group to reach this number.

Moreover, ‘Magnetic’ charted at number 91 on the Billboard Hot 100 on April 20, and ‘Super Real Me’ reached number 93 on the Billboard 200 album chart on May 11, making ILLIT the first K-pop girl group to achieve such feats with a debut album and single.

Despite being a new group with limited international activities, ILLIT continues to expand their global influence. On the latest Billboard charts dated June 15, ‘Magnetic’ remained on the Global (excluding the US) chart at number 18 and the Global 200 chart at number 23, for the 11th consecutive week. ‘Super Real Me’ also placed 10th on the World Albums chart.

In South Korea, ILLIT’s ‘Magnetic’ maintained its strong performance by topping the Circle Chart’s Global K-pop category for both April and May. Another track from their album, ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome,’ has also shown resilience, landing at number 26.

ILLIT’s rapid ascent and consistent performance highlight their growing impact and potential as a leading force in the global music scene.



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