Red Velvet’s Highly Anticipated Comeback Marks Their 10th Anniversary

Red Velvet has confirmed their comeback, celebrating their 10th anniversary since debut. Despite concerns over contract renewals, the group’s continued activities are a welcome sight for fans.

According to SM Entertainment, Red Velvet will release their new album ‘Cosmic’ on the 24th, marking their return approximately seven months after their last full-length album in November. The upcoming album will feature six tracks across various genres, showcasing an expanded musical landscape.

In an earlier Q1 conference call, SM hinted at a Q2 release for Red Velvet’s mini-album. The official confirmation of the new album release has reassured fans. The group has begun teasing the comeback with a schedule poster and various teaser contents, including images featuring unique styling and eye-catching visuals that hint at the album’s concept.

Joy recently teased the new album with a private message, describing it as an album “filled with infinite love.”

Red Velvet has a strong association with summer hits, having released popular summer tracks like ‘Red Flavor,’ ‘Power Up,’ ‘Zimzalabim,’ and ‘Queendom.’ These songs have become seasonal anthems, revisited by fans every summer, highlighting the group’s synergy with the season.

This year is particularly special for Red Velvet as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Debuting in 2014 with ‘Happiness,’ the group has grown into a top-tier idol group with hits like ‘Dumb Dumb,’ ‘Peek-A-Boo,’ and ‘Psycho.’ Known for their dual concept of ‘Red’ (bold and captivating) and ‘Velvet’ (classic and soft), they have also continually experimented with their music to create a unique identity.

A key focus of this comeback is the members’ contract renewals. While Seulgi renewed her contract in August last year and Irene in February this year, there has been no news regarding Joy, Wendy, and Yeri’s renewals. Although the group’s ongoing activities suggest a commitment to continue, the uncertainty surrounding their future needs to be addressed.

Regardless of the contract situation, Red Velvet’s group activities will proceed. Following the album release, they will hold the ‘2024 Red Velvet FANCON TOUR <Happiness: My Dear, ReVeluv>’ on August 3-4 in Seoul, coinciding with the anniversary of their debut single’s release, making it a particularly meaningful event.



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