H1-KEY Unveils MV Teaser for Title Track ‘Let It Burn,’ Embracing Bold Transformation

Girl group H1-KEY has showcased a bold and unrestrained transformation in their upcoming release. On June 16, H1-KEY (members Seoi, Riina, Huiseo, and Yel) revealed the music video teaser for the title track ‘Let It Burn’ from their third mini-album ‘LOVE or HATE’ on their social media accounts.

The teaser begins with the members dressed in school uniforms, energetically playing band instruments. However, the scene quickly shifts to show them sitting with anxious and dissatisfied expressions. The plot thickens as the decision to shut down the band club leads to the members expressing their anger and rebellious charm.

The video continues with H1-KEY gathering on a rooftop, happily implementing new ideas. They create and post ‘LOVE or HATE’ concert posters throughout the school, showcasing their strong presence. The teaser’s energetic visuals and heart-pounding melody significantly raise anticipation for the new album.

The title track ‘Let It Burn’ features a heavy and groovy boom bap hip-hop rhythm combined with rough and aggressive grunge rock sounds, making it a stylish and dynamic song. The track is produced by Hong Jisang, known for creating many of H1-KEY’s hit songs like ‘Rose in the Building,’ adding to the song’s high quality.

‘LOVE or HATE’ represents a shift from H1-KEY’s previous warm and emotional concepts to a more free-spirited and daring narrative. This new album is expected to captivate global K-pop fans with H1-KEY’s fresh transformation.

H1-KEY’s third mini-album ‘LOVE or HATE’ will be released simultaneously worldwide on June 19 at 6 PM.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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