NewJeans Pre-Releases ‘Right Now’ MV, Offering Playful Delight Ahead of Japanese Debut

NewJeans has delighted fans worldwide with another visually captivating music video, released just days before their official Japanese debut. On June 17, at midnight, NewJeans (Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, Hyein) pre-released the music video for ‘Right Now’ on HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel. ‘Right Now’ is one of the tracks from their upcoming Japanese debut single, ‘Supernatural,’ set to release on June 21.

The ‘Right Now’ music video blends real-life footage of the members with animated elements, creating a fantastical world that sparks imagination and interest. The quirky and cute storyline and visuals captivate viewers. The video depicts Hanni sending a message to her crush and anxiously waiting for a reply, with the other members displaying endearing and humorous reactions as they support her.

The video features the charming ‘Powerpuff Girls X NewJeans’ and ‘Murakami Takashi X NewJeans’ characters, who appear frequently in the members’ space as they search for a love potion, adding to the video’s appeal. The fast-paced editing and surprising ending enhance the engagement and immersion.

The song ‘Right Now’ features an upbeat drum and bass rhythm and the lively vocals of the members. Initially introduced as a CM song, it has gradually captured the public’s attention and is expected to continue its popularity as an accessible and stylish pop track.

Following the release of their Japanese debut single, NewJeans will actively promote their music in Japan. They are scheduled to appear on prominent music shows such as TV Asahi’s ‘Music Station’ (June 21), Nihon TV’s ‘with MUSIC’ (June 22), Fuji TV’s ‘FNS Music Festival’ (July 3), and TBS’s ‘Music Day 2024’ (July 13), showcasing their new songs.

Additionally, NewJeans will hold a fan meeting titled ‘Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome’ on June 26-27 at the Tokyo Dome. This fan meeting aims to connect more closely with their fandom, Bunnies, and offers a departure from the traditional debut showcase format, according to their agency ADOR.

Recently, NewJeans achieved their fourth consecutive million-seller status with their double single ‘How Sweet.’ They have dominated major domestic music charts and achieved impressive results on the US Billboard charts, demonstrating their strong influence and popularity.



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