IU Unveils New Album Details, Teases Comeback with V’s MV Appearance and Bold Hair Transformation

Singer and actress IU has stirred excitement for her highly anticipated comeback. Following her appearance in BTS member V’s new music video and revealing her new pink hair transformation, IU has further raised expectations by releasing a dynamic moving poster.

EDAM Entertainment, IU’s agency, shared a 17-second moving poster on social media at midnight on the 15th, hinting at the upcoming pre-release single “Love wins.” In the poster, IU is seen under a striking red light, looking intently into the distance. Her poignant and wistful gaze, mixed with surprise, immediately draws attention. The clip ends with a close-up of IU’s eyes, accompanied by the words “Love wins” and the comeback date “January 24th,” heightening curiosity.

This teaser release has sparked a flurry of speculation and excitement among IU’s domestic and international fandom, Uaena. Fans have flooded global social media channels and major online communities with comments expressing anticipation for the full version, praising IU’s unique presence, and curiosity about the meaning behind “Love wins.”

This new song marks IU’s first release since her album “Pieces” on December 29, 2021, making it her comeback after about two years and one month. IU, who had been focusing on her acting career, has garnered significant interest with her return to music. Particularly, the news of V participating in the music video for IU’s new song, filmed before his military enlistment last month, has been a hot topic. IU heightened expectations by sharing on her YouTube channel that the music video’s tone and mood are unique and unprecedented in her previous works.

Additionally, IU captured attention with her drastic hair change, cutting her long black hair short and dying it pink, which she revealed while departing for a fashion show in Milan, Italy, on the 11th. Responding to a fan’s question about her new hairstyle, IU hinted at her upcoming comeback.

IU is set to progressively reveal more information about “Love wins” and start promotional activities, beginning with this moving poster.

Source: isplus.com


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